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The site is not about the people using it, but rather about the money those people spend

The site is not about the people using it, but rather about the money those people spend


It’s unfortunate that most who sign up for this site do not see the site for what it truly has become until after they have paid out some real money. The more real life money you spend, the more people are allowed to get away with. The site, which is primarily operated out of Santa Rosa, California, is in violation of many of the states Internet business laws, in addition to being in violation of California’s very strict anti Internet stalking laws. Including myself, there have been over 100 documented cases of people deleting because they have been stalked, threatened with physical harm, etc and yet the greedy people in charge of fubar have chosen to look the other way.


Only then will fubar actually take action. I myself have been on the site for over a year, much longer than you have, and to me, there is something seriously wrong when long time original members are leaving the site. Yes there are games on the site, games where people are enabled to cheat at by spending large amounts of money on the site. The site owner, BabyJ, has adopted a practice of turn the other way when they spend large amounts of real money. I would also like to point out the fact that the site uses malicious spyware and adware programs which on several occasions have created security issues on my own computer. After running a malware removal program, it was discovered that about 95% of the malicious spyware on my computer came directly from fubar itself.

There are also tremendous security issues within the site as well, ones that have caused people to find out their “stored” credit cards were charged excessive amounts of money, and even though the website admitted fault, they refused to refund the stolen monies, instead only offering “site credits”. Read more