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Figure out what a healthy relationship is to you

Figure out what a healthy relationship is to you

What is a healthy relationship? There are many ways to relate to people, however, there are certain qualities that make for healthy relationships like mutual respect, trust, honesty, maintaining a meaningful connection and good communication.

Be honest about your own flaws Everyone has them, and it’s important to base your relationship on honesty so as not to create unrealistic expectations about who you’d like to be or who that person thinks you should be

Analyze your expectations When we start looking for a romantic relationship, many of us do so with a predetermined set of expectations as to how the person should be, how they should treat us and what role they will play, what the relationship will give back to us and how it will make us feel. Usually our family, friends and society conditions us to think that relationships should be a certain way. It’s important to reconsider these and discard the ones that are not healthy or will not serve you well in the relationship.

Needs and wants Wants can be negotiated, needs are not. It’s important to distinguish these. Read more