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5 You Rangers Proceeded Scalp-Search Expeditions

5 You Rangers Proceeded Scalp-Search Expeditions

Minds, even though, is actually large and you can cumbersome, and also the males would need to return home in just good couples eliminates lower than their devices to allege its award. It was not a long time before the newest Puritans found a thought away from the opposition. They become cutting off scalps, filling up handbags using them, and you can using scalps family as an alternative.

Almost every other territories then followed their head. Because of the 1641, the newest governor of new Netherlands put out the first formal bounty towards every scalps off a good native’s direct, guaranteeing “ten fathoms out of wampum” for each head regarding a member of the new Raritan group.

The fresh Massachusetts Bay Colony in the near future had their, promising forty pounds towards scalps off warriors and you may 20 pounds for women and kids young than simply a dozen years old. Most of the citizen, brand new governor announced, is actually contacted so you’re able to “incorporate the possibilities from pursuing, trapping, destroying, and you will destroying all of the and you can some of the aforesaid Indians.”

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