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Not many dating sites offer the live cam feature

Not many dating sites offer the live cam feature

As we discovered in our Fling review, this hookup website offers a plethora of fun features other than the above-mentioned ones.

Fling Live Cams

However, with a fling account , you can enjoy watching live cams of hot women. To enjoy this feature, you must have a premium membership. without paying, you can only view the preview pictures and room info.

Once you pay for the membership, you can join the live cam room, chat with the girl, and can even make requests. If you like the girl you’re seeing, you may even flirt with her, and who knows, you may even land a date with her.

Sex Shop With Freebies

Not only do you get to meet and date users with similar interests, but you can also buy adult apparel and sex toys here. Fling has allied with a famous online sex shop, where you can buy different types of sex toys, adult DVDs, and many more.

The website offers exclusive discounts, deals, and even freebies. By the way, you don’t even have to worry about your privacy. The purchases will be labeled as game-related items on your credit card bill.

3-month Guarantee

If someone still wonders “is Fling real?” , then this should definitely clear their doubts. This dating website offers a 3-month guarantee. This means that if you couldn’t find a date successfully in 3 months, the website extends your paid membership, completely free of cost.

Moreover, it’s a win-win situation. No matter how confident they are, if they fail, they’re going to reward you with a 3-month premium membership. How cool is that?! Actually, this was the feature that sold me on this website.

NSFW Safe Mode

Fling offers yet another rare-to-find, very useful feature. The safe mode helps you hide all the explicit content, whenever you want it to. For example, if you’re at work, or around your family, you can simply turn on this feature and say goodbye (temporarily) to all the NSFW content. Read more