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How to Seduce Women as an Introvert: Take Introverted but Effective Action

How to Seduce Women as an Introvert: Take Introverted but Effective Action

Mindset #3: Be Authentic

As soon as you stop shaming yourself for being an introvert and you remove that label from your perception all together, something magical will happen.

In the beginning I claimed that girls are not actually attracted to a loud obnoxious alpha male. Here is why: They don’t care about what exactly that behavior is, they care about what it says about you.

Unfortunately, extraversion is linked to authenticity in our culture. We think that everyone who expresses themselves loudly and boldly is also conveying the truth.

Therefore, whenever a man has that kind of outgoing personality, we automatically ascribe him more value than other guys. That’s just how it is, so you better come to terms with it. The thing that matter for you, however, is that you can live that authenticity even as yourself, a guy with introverted tendencies.

As soon as you take her on a date, you can show that side of yourself. If you’re not in a superficial environment like a nightclub you’re free to express that side of yours.

You may even want to tell girls that you’re a little bit shy at first-and then shock them with that other side of you, the one you will learn to unleash when you’re alone with her at some point.

Now, you probably think that all this change in your mind will take a while to implement. And you’re right.

Like everything, learning how to seduce girls as an introvert takes time and persistence. Just think about how long you’ve been living with your old paradigm!

Now you’ve learned that perhaps you aren’t even an introvert. Even if you are, you may stop labelling yourself. You also learned that loud guys don’t get girls because they’re loud, but because they’re themselves. Read more