Erza grew up in Rosee put where Kagura and you will Simon existed while the children

Erza grew up in Rosee put where Kagura and you will Simon existed while the children

Erza grew up in Rosee put where Kagura and you will Simon existed while the children

When Rosemary Village try assaulted because of the a beneficial Zeref-following cult, Erza been able to rescue Kagura out of simply take of the concealing the girl in to the a crate, however, got caught by herself thus. She was imprisoned together with several other slaves, several was basically children. Of the children had been Jellal Fernandes, Sho, Simon, Wally Buchanan, and you may Millianna. As they was in fact inquiring one another because of their brands, she said that the lady name was just “Erza”, very Jellal e “Scarlet” immediately following the woman vivid red tresses so they really couldn’t forget about they. She also molded a strong thread with Rob, an older Mage regarding the Fairy Tail Guild, which instructed the woman about Magic with his guild.

She are enslaved of the cult and you will compelled to generate new Tower off Paradise, a structure setup with regards to resurrecting brand new Black Mage, Zeref

One day in X776, Sho developed a plan towards eleven-year-old Erza as well as their friends to escape throughout the tower. These people were sadly trapped from the shields, who made a decision to post new escape’s genius towards the tower’s disciplinary chamber, as the people might possibly be deprived off food for three months. Seeing how fearful Sho try, Erza ready to make fault by herself, however, Jellal announced himself since genius alternatively. However, the latest shields reasoned that Erza is the one in charge and you may sent their on the disciplinary chamber, where she is punished into the brink out-of demise and you will forgotten this lady right vision. Jellal rescued their, however, was seized appropriate. Fundamentally sick and tired of its torment, Erza staged a good revolt facing their captors so they really you will definitely escape and you may conserve Jellal.

The newest revolt looked like effective on its the beginning until the tower’s Mages came into repress the fresh new submissives, leading to most of the most other submissives in order to haven. When you look at the assault, Erza watched in nightmare just like the the woman buddy Simon’s straight down chin is actually blasted of because of the a magical attack, when you’re Rob sacrificed himself to guard Erza of various other Mage’s attack. In her own rage, Erza’s hidden Magic Strength are triggered for the first time, and you may she used it to make all the thrown away guns and you can systems as much as the girl against the shields, finishing this new revolt.

Since almost every other submissives boarded boats supposed to guarantee its independence, she reunited having Jellal, however, discovered that he had changed; the kind and you can compassionate boy she know your to-be are quickly twisted and you will criminal, playing with Magic so you’re able to massacre the newest defenseless guards as much as her or him. Jellal had been possessed about what he claimed to get the new soul away from Zeref, and you can decided that best way so they are able receive correct liberty were to finish the Tower of Eden and restore Zeref. Erza refused to assist him, compelling Jellal in order to cast the woman out from the tower herself, only letting the woman alive because the she aided maintain every new guards who does have compared your. Just before permitting their refrain, Jellal told Erza to save the fresh Tower out-of Heaven a key about regulators, and to never ever return to the fresh tower, harmful in order to ruin the fresh tower and eliminate group inside, and additionally people they know, when the she disobeyed.

Despite the severe standards of the girl enslavement and work, Erza became best friends towards most other pupils

Immediately following washing up towards the coastlines out-of Fiore, Erza produced the woman treatment for and you will registered the fresh new Fairy End Guild. She constantly started to don armour and you may acted distant throughout the most other professionals. Immediately after Grey, whom attempted choosing battles into reclusive Erza, noticed the woman whining by herself and asked why, she started to start so you can her guildmates so much more. Around this go out, Fairy Tail’s master Makarov delivered Erza to see Porlyusica, which provided their a phony eyes to change one she destroyed. Together eye cured Erza lost rips from glee, hence only showed up regarding the lady actual, kept attention, regardless of if Erza didn’t mind due to the fact she told you she got currently shed half of the woman rips.