Trick Of one’s Starry Heaven Arch [ ]

Trick Of one’s Starry Heaven Arch [ ]

Trick Of one’s Starry Heaven Arch [ ]

Natsu spotted for the amazement as the Erza questioned her sleeve becoming cut-off immediately following becoming poisoned. He went to select Wendy, the only one which you will definitely repair this lady. The guy did their best to retrieve Wendy as quickly as he could. He was furious after studying you to definitely Jellal had been real time, but controlled his fury due to the fact healing Erza are the top priority. The guy left questioning in the Erza and felt like he cannot assist Jellal to fulfill the girl.

Whenever Natsu additionally the anybody else was unconscious shortly after being assaulted of the zero, Erza recommended him, appearing faith during the Natsu.While fighting up against No, Natsu even hit Jellal, who had been looking to assist him, for the reason that he generated Erza cry. Erza presented immense faith within the Natsu. In the event the Wonders Council concerned take Jellal, Natsu attempted to avoid them only because Erza was thus unfortunate that she substantially battled to save by herself regarding moving into stop him or her herself.

Edolas Arc [ ]

Natsu would not accept that Edolas’ Erza is actually their adversary. He advised individuals one Environment Land’s Erza is an excellent people. Natsu try shocked when Edolas’ Erza reported having outdone the lady World Land’s similar,  but not, it absolutely was later revealed that it had been Erza herself, dressed given that Knightwalker. The pair of them, together with Grey, scammed the fresh Queen and attempted to save your self Extalia.

Tenrou Isle Arc [ ]

At the beginning of the exam, Natsu wanted Erza as the his opponent. Natsu try concerned with Erza throughout the the lady fight Azuma. Natsu try the original people whose sound try heard of the Erza when she is trapped regarding the wonders electricity regarding Tenroujima. Natsu and you may Erza, as well as Gray and you may Lucy, struggled Hades. Each of them attacked him together with her. Whenever Natsu registered the latest Thunder-Fire Dragon form, Erza was stunned of the their fuel. If the potential have been up against her or him, Natsu’s conditions greatly advised folks. Erza realized that they need to keep attacking. Even in the event she is away from miracle power, Erza endured as much as struggle. And, when Erza outfitted since the a nursing assistant so you’re able to heal individuals, Natsu is noticed in the new long queue of men, waiting around for his procedures.

When Natsu and the someone else got a position which expected the latest expertise in little moving, Erza pushed your to dancing along with her.

Huge Wonders Games Arch [ ]

Natsu encouraged Erza when you look at the Pandemonium enjoy, convinced that she’s going to naturally win and are surprised by the their feel. He had been keen throughout the event, and you will fascinated by Erza’s stamina. Pursuing the skills was complete, he went to help you Erza and you will asked her to possess a battle that have your. Natsu was furious during the Sabertooth following the Naval Battle, and was about to help you attack her or him, but are stopped by Erza. As well as, Erza is surprised by Natsu throughout the their and Gajeel’s struggle with Sting and you can Rogue. Once they were honestly assaulted by Pain, Erza recommended them by saying that the newest Guild’s thoughts are that, and so they need earn the fight.

Natsu continuously tries to confirm his power to others. From the some circumstances with time, he has challenged Erza, Laxus, Mirajane, and even Gildarts (simply speaking, each one of Fairy Tail’s latest S-Group Mages), to combat your, albeit, he was outdone every day. Even with his losings, Natsu carries him or her no unwell will, as he takes into account everyone in the guild as his household members. He reveals that it emotions actually to the former foes. Natsu possess even gone as far as defending Laxus of are expelled, even with his take to at seizing the fresh new guild. On account of his irresponsible nature, Natsu’s matches constantly comes to an end with common destruction. Natsu’s love of fighting have allowed him to cultivate a rather strategic notice, enabling him to help you, on the some occasions, get a hold of defects in his opponent’s techniques, or maybe just faults their opponents by themselves features. Natsu comes with beaten his opponents that have absolute humor, as opposed to brute electricity. Natsu, right for their recklessness and you can love of fighting, never backs off a combat.

It was revealed you to Erza are unable to hold the lady alcohol. If you are intoxicated, she serves very aggressive for the anybody else, just like the shown by the their conclusion with the the woman guildmates. She together with appears to have an issue acknowledging some one whenever intoxicated.

Erza’s Background [ ]

Because decades enacted, Erza became about rigid up until she will be entitled the new guild’s disciplinarian. She took responsibility to possess splitting up fights ranging from Grey and you will Natsu. At the same time, not, she is passionate to usually struggle and you can bicker with fellow member Mirajane, hence ultimately finished after Mirajane significantly mellowed in the brand new wake regarding this lady young sis Lisanna’s noticeable passing for the X782. In the year X780, Erza introduced Fairy Tail’s annually kept S-Group Mage Strategy Demo, becoming the latest youngest member of this new guild to take action during the 15 years old.

When they came back back to the fresh Guild, Erza and you will Natsu chose to has a fight. Nevertheless the challenge try called from because of the some body regarding the Council. Erza is captured and you will is displayed having a try. Right back during the Guild, Natsu tricked men and you will barged on council, trying conserve Erza. The guy dressed up as the Erza by herself and you may tried to secret the latest council players by the stating that they are the actual Erza, however, both wound up on the prison as an alternative. Regardless if Erza is actually furious to start with, she appeared happy after, because Natsu went all that far only for their purpose.